wcla_aar_spring-yield-photoAdmitted Students Event - Pasadena

Welcome newly-admitted, local Wellesley students!

We'd love to see alums, particularly from more recent Classes, who can share on their student experiences, their diverse perspectives on the college, and the benefits of the vast Wellesley alumnae network with these potential future WCLA members!

Our WCLA tea is a great way for admitted students to have first-hand experience with Wellesley alumane since it's not easy for Calfiornia students to attend Spring Open Campus.


If you have warm accessories (e.g. hats, mittens, scarves) that you are looking to donate, please bring them with you!  We will have a "free bin," where admits can pick out a goodie to take back with them for Spring Open Campus.  Even though our weather in SoCal has been unusally damp and chilly, it still is nothing compared to Boston, and so your donation would be greatly appreciated!

More information HERE.


For questions and location information please contact llmosermsw@gmail.com